Outcome Dutch elections for Parliament March 15 2017 (Congres, Tweede Kamer)

Thank you for your prayers for our Dutch elections. We are encouraged to continue to pray for the formation of a coallition between several political parties. Because of the outcome parties in order to form a coallition which has a majority of at least 76 out of the 150 seats. Possibilities are:

33 - Liberal Party - VVD
19 - Christian Democrats - CDA
19 - Democrats 66  - D66
14 - Green Left (Groen Links) - GL
85 - total

or a coallition with:
  5 - Christian Union - CU
76 - total

The biggest danger is the D66 proposal for expansion of the euthanasia law to legalise killing healthy (eldery) people.

We continue to pray to challenge prayermovements and churches to expand prayer to block this dangerous death proposals in parliament. We desperate also need your prayer help.

We see the need for fervent prayer in our country. We need a dramatic change from the death direction of our country to choose life. Judgment is ahead of us. We see the disastrous development on sexuality, drugs, alcohol, criminality and lack of love. O Lord have mercy over our poor country.

Although the Wilders party PVV is the second largest winning party nobody seems willing to cooperate because of his fierce stand against islam penetration in Holland.

Election outcome

The Liberal Party lost eight seats but remians with 33 seats in the new chamber by far the biggest party. Their coalliton partner the Socialist Party (PvdA) had a dramatic loss of 29 seats with only 9 left in the new chamber. The Christian Democrats (CDA) loosing in former elections came back with a gain of 6 extra seats bringing the total to 19 seats. The P V V Party for Freedom of Wilders gained 5 seats from 15 to 20 now. D66, the party that tries to force expansion of the euthanasia law by legalizing killing healthy (eldery) people who declare their life ‘full and complete’ got 19 seats a gain of 7 seats. A surprise rise is Groen Links a party focusing on climate change and attracting the younger generation grew from 4 seats to 14 seats. SP, a left oriented socialist party lost one seat to 14 now. Our bible believing parties CU (Christian Union) remained 5 seats and the SGP (Christian Reformed Party) at 3 seats. De five remaining parties together got 14 seats an gained 10 seats PvdD (the Animal party from 2 to 5); 50+ (Party for eldery from 2 to 4), DENK a new party 3 seats, and a new party for Democracy 2 seats

Conclusion: Holland is in a very critical situation concerning the fight for life. We need a miracle to change the dangerous development. The christian vote is in a minority although the number of votes was higher than ever before. We rely on the blessings and dependance of our heavenly Father who directs kings and powers the way he decides (Psalm 2). Daily dwelling in the word (Psalm 1) and a prayer revolution are powerfull weapons beyond any minority or majority.

With our websites www.woonbijbel.nl to dwell in the word! and www.knierevolutie.nl

Willy and I are now focusing on this calling. With our new management at Cry for Life, with Alex van Vuuren and Kees van Helden we are very blessed.

Outcome Elections for Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer/Congress) 15 March 2017.

Liberal Party VVD 33
Socialist Party PvdA 9
Freedom Party (Wilders) PVV 20
Left Socialist Party SP 14
Christian Democrats CDA 19
Democrats 66 D66 19
Christian Union CU 5
Green Left (Groen Links) GL 14
Christian Reformed Party SGP 3
Animal Party PvdD 5
Eldery Party 50+ 4
Denk 3
Party for Democracy FvD 2
total 150

United in the Lord
United in prayer
United in the word
United for life

Bert and Willy Dorenbos, Schreeuw om Leven Holland

e-mail dorenbos@kiesdanhetleven.nl